Frequently Asked Questions

How much music do you provide?

We provide music for your entire wedding reception. We will play music for cocktails, dinner and dancing. We cover everything.

What equipment do you bring?

Our standard wedding package comes with two baby grand pianos,  a full live sound system with wireless microphone (for toasts and speeches) and dance floor lighting.

Do I need to provide any equipment?

No. We will bring everything we need. The only things we need you to provide is electricty and wifi.

Do you play live pianos the entire reception?

We like to mix up the music selections by providing live music for a majority of the wedding reception. However for cocktails and dinner we find playing atmosphere setting music via DJ service works best.

How much live piano music do you provide?

Our standard wedding package comes with 3 hours of live piano music, max. We find a two to three hour piano show is perfect for entertaining guests and providing dance music.

Can our guests request songs?

Yes! This is what makes us more fun! We bring request slips and pens for your guests to write down their favorite songs for us to play.

Do you ask for tips?

We do NOT ask for tips or let tips dictate which songs we play at a wedding or corporate event, unless otherwise permitted.

Do you provide a contract?

Yes. We can send you a contract via email that will enable you to sign using an electronic signature.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A 50% deposit will secure your date. Interest free financing is available, or you may pay in full up front.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes. Written in each contract includes our cancellation policy. It reads “ CANCELLATION of the engagement by the client for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the engagement by the client WITHIN 90 DAYS of the date of engagement shall also require payment of the balance to the act, unless the same act is rebooked by the client for an open date within 30 days of the cancelled date. Cancellation by artist at anytime shall void this contract and all deposits, monies paid will be returned to client.

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